• Sagacious Dog Country will cater only to dogs.
  • Dogs will get the preferential treatment.
  • Off-leash dog park on 47 acres with Bessie Creek running the full length of the park.
  • Pecan and oak trees, wild pepper plants, muscadine grapes, palmettos, wild orange trees, a pair of nesting hawks, and a host of other plant and animal life.
  • Private picnic area of approximately three acres with an underground fed pond.
  • Conformation and obedience practice rings.
  • Earth dog tunnels.
  • Two pastures for hunt dog training.
  • Throw a Frisbee or a ball.
  • Agility and flyball equipment.
  • Pond for retriever training or Newfoundland water rescue.
  • Fishing?
  • A free specially made cookie with every visit.

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